Advent Calendar 2015 – My Way

8th December:
INDIGO MOOD even for Christmas.
Some cushions are in 100% cotton and some of them are in 100% silk. Ready to mix and match. More items in stock.



Advent Calendar 2015 – My Way

Here the result of yesterdays picture: bags in a bigger size where every bag is unique in color, pocket-matching and the selected shoulder band.
Available now.

B-style7-blue leather front

B-style7-black front

B-style7-blue red front


Advent Calendar 2015 – My Way

In process…or actually are the items already finished, yet no pictures taken yet. Have a guess what they will be.Adv.6


Advent Calendar 2015 – My Way

5th December:
A lot of Christmasorders have left my studio lately. As Christmas presents have to be secret, today only a picture of this:



Advent Calendar 2015 – My Way

4th December:

Make-up Bag

Content is important for you face…no doubt, and pleasant packing definitely is an extra plus lightening up you day for your soul.



Advent Calendar 2015 – My Way

3rd December:

No winter without flannel. Reading a book or just relax in this cosy, warming material. Mmmmh.



Advent Calendar 2015 ‚ My Way

2nd December

Denim-barbeque-apron for him and for her. Order your personal design and size.



Advent Calendar 2015 – my way

I hope you have a wonderful peaceful time and are looking forward to Christmas as much as I do. Here my creative Advent Calendar.

1st December:



Just a quick check

Unfortunately I had some problems with my homepage again and it was laying down again for some days. I can¬¥t describe how irritating, and time consuming it ist to get all involved i place again. But now it should work again and I can start feeding the homepage with new articles and news again…..

See you around and have a nice Thursday..

Paper work

Today is an administration day.
Blue, our parrot is overlooking that everything is all right.



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